Labour market analysis for the fourth quarter of 2019 2020-04-02

With regard to the same period in 2018, the salaried employment rate has increased during the fourth  quarter of 2019, both in terms of jobs (+1.5%) and in terms of work volume (+1.3% of full-time equivalents).  This positive trend is shown both in “Industry and Construction”, in the  “Commercial services sector” and the “Non-commercial services sector”.

However, the employment of temporary agency workers (-3.5% in work volume in terms of full-time equivalents, compared to the  fourth quarter of 2018) has slightly decreased.

Employee profile

The employment increase was slightly higher in the case of women than men and is felt most strongly in the age group of 50 to 64 years. 

The employment increase is shown both in the private sector (1.7%) and in the public sector (+0.9%) and concerns both full-time (+1.5%) and part-time jobs (+1.5).

This increase is applicable to the residents of the  Brussels-Capital Region (+2.5%) as well as to the residents of the Flemish Region (+1.4%) and of the Walloon Region (+1.4%).

Industry and Construction

The trend of the employment on an annual basis in industry and construction is positive (+0.6% in terms of jobs and + 0.2% in terms of work volume).  In most partial sectors, one may register a considerable increase of the employment rate. Particularly the food and the pharmaceutical industries are growing strongly. In the textile industry the evolution is negative.

Services sectors

In the sector of commercial services a considerable increase in employment can be registered, compared to the fourth  quarter of 2018 (+2.1% in terms of jobs and +1.6% in terms of work volume).  This increase is the result of a strong growth in practically all partial sectors.  Only in the sector “Financial activities and insurances" the evolution is negative.

Globally employment in the non-commercial services sector shows a positive development (+1.3% in terms of jobs and +1.4% in terms of work volume).  Adjusted to shifts between the partial sectors the number of jobs and the work volume  increase  in “Public administration” (+0.5% in terms of jobs and +0.8% in terms of work volume) and in the “Education"sector (+1.2% in terms of jobs and +1.6% in terms of work volume). (More information about these shifts is available in the section "Particulars" in French). The growth in the health care and social services sectors is estimated as such at  +1.5%, both in terms of jobs and in terms of work volume.

Temporary agency work

The demand for workers through the system of temporary agency work has decreased.

At the end of December 2019, slightly less workers have been counted for the temporary agency sector than at the end of December 2018 (-4.2% for blue-collar workers and +0.2% for white-collar workers). The work volume in terms of full-time equivalents during the fourth quarter of 2019 was lower than in the fourth quarter of 2018 (-3.5% for blue-collar and  white-collar workers).

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Rapid estimations of employment (in French)

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